The Liability of Labels

Mary H. Wennerstrom

The Liability of Labels by Mary H. Wennerstrom. It is a great honor for me to have been awarded the 2006 Gail Boyd de Stwolinski Prize for Lifetime Achievement in Music Theory Teaching and Scholarship, and I am deeply appreciative of all those people who participated in the nomination and selection process. I am especially grateful to Mary Arlin, Chair of the Editorial Review Board of the Journal of Music Theory Pedagogy, for her work, including her presentation to me of an elaborate framed certificate at the 2006 meeting of the Society for Music Theory, and for her efforts to include the announcement in the general business meeting of the Society. As described in Volume 21 of this journal, the prize was established by Gail and her husband Louis de Stwolinski to recognize the role of the classroom music theory teacher. I was very pleased to be recognized as the fourth recipient of the award, and hope that my prize money will continue to be used to recognize outstanding teaching.