Music Theory Remixed: A Blended Approach for the Practicing Musician

Kevin Holm-Hudson, Reviewed by Brad Osborn

I received a review copy of Kevin Holm-Hudson’s much-anticipated Music Theory Remixed: A Blended Approach for the Practicing Musician (hereafter MTR) just in time to include it in the textbook-review project for my graduate students in music theory pedagogy. Some of the questions I posed to the students included: Amid the ever- expanding sea of undergraduate theory texts, why might an instructor choose this text over another (or no textbook at all)? How do its ancillary materials compare to the growing number seemingly required of such products? Which students would this book reach that others might not? Will students find the text and its materials accessible, inviting, and fun? Throughout this review, I will shed some light on these questions, with a keen eye toward why an instructor may or may not adopt MTR over a few of its competitors.