Repository of Sentence and Period Examples

Garreth Broesche

This collection of 44 short phrases, ranging from the baroque to romantic periods, is designed to help teachers quickly and easily locate musical examples for the purpose of teaching phrase structure, as well as testing students’ knowledge of the same. The collection includes numerous
examples of periods and sentences, as well as compound periods. Many examples are straightforward, but there are also many that modulate, add phrase extensions, have interesting hypermetrical structures, etc. Given the variety of analytical paradigms, these examples have not been pre-analyzed. When first downloading the master PDF, therefore, I suggest analyzing each example with one’s preferred analytical lens in order to gain an understanding of the variety of examples present. In addition to the master PDF containing all 44 examples (ordered alphabetically by composer), the repository also includes high-quality JPEGs of each example, numbered according the the master PDF; this makes dragging and dropping images into homework assignments, handouts, etc., very easy. Each example (except two) has a link to an audio performance on YouTube.