Teaching Analytic Writing in the Form Classroom

Samantha M. Inman

Courses on form can impart valuable skills in analytic writing through strategic
scaffolding of writing assignments. Part I of this article provides six steps toward their
first essay: teach the basic theoretical concepts; discuss the process for writing an
analytic essay; model good analytic writing; assign the prompt; comment on a draft of
the form diagram; and give precise feedback. Part II of this article divides the work of a
larger final paper into five tasks: a proposal, a draft of the form diagram, an individual
consultation, a rough draft, and the completed paper. Although among one of the most
difficult skills to master, analytic writing remains an indispensable tool for synthesizing
and applying theoretical concepts. Student gains in depth of understanding of the
principles and repertoire at hand merit the time and effort of teaching analytic writing
in the undergraduate form classroom.