Twenty Questions: An Introduction to Counterpoint, Linear Analysis, and Dissonance Treatment

Daniel B. Stevens

"Twenty Questions" is a pedagogical resource focused on linear and dissonance-treatment analysis in common-practice music of the 18th and 19th centuries. This resource is designed to be utilized at the advanced high school and collegiate levels. It includes an explanation of contrapuntal analysis in a user-friendly Q&A format, a one-page summary sheet, four sample analyses with commentary, and four assignments with answer keys and extensive commentary for instructors. "Twenty Questions" was first developed as an explanatory guide for analyzing and interpreting Bach's Prelude in C major (WTC, book I). This piece, and the commentary that accompanies it, serves as a centerpiece of the entire collection. The answer keys and commentaries for the four assignments, including the analytical commentary on Bach's Prelude in C major, are found in a separate document accessible only to verified instructors.

For access to answer keys, please contact an editor from the JMTP main page.